Billing Account States

Billing Account States Definition
Active: The account is in good standing and is able to generate orders.
Collection: The Billing Account has been transferred to a collection process. Billing Accounts in a collection status are no longer invoiced or able to be sold new orders.
Suspended: The Billing Account is temporarily suspended, which could be at the subscriber's request or as part of a treatment program. Billing Accounts in Suspended status continue to be invoiced but cannot be sold new orders. To be in a Suspended state, the Billing Account cannot have any Active services. Maintenance of the Billing Account's base information, such as Name, Address, etc. can be performed while the account is in this state.
Deactivated: The Billing Account is in the initial stage of being closed. To be in a deactivated state the Billing Account has to have all services in a deactivated state.
Final Bill: Means that the customer has cleared the deactivation waiting period (setup in the company setup page) and is awaiting final billing.
Closed: The Closed state automatically occurs after a full bill cycle of with no activity following the final billing AND the customers balance is 0.


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