Support Service Levels and Response Times

Transverse will respond to problems, issues and questions as defined below:

Severity Level: 1 (Urgent)
Definition: Severity level one is defined as TRACT being down, inaccessible by Customer, or is generating an error that is creating an immediate disruption of Customer business activity.
Response: Severity level one issues are immediately dispatched to Transverse’s engineering group to determine an expedited work around and resolution. Customer will be given a status update from Transverse via telephone or email every hour until the issue is closed.

Severity Level: 2 (High)
Definition: Severity level two is defined as an issue that is causing errors in the data but not immediately disrupting Customer business activity.
Response: A severity level two issue will be assigned to a support engineer within two (2) hours. Customer will be given status updates at least once every 24 hours until the issue is resolved.

Severity Level: 3 (Normal)
Definition: Severity level three is defined as an issue that is not causing errors in the data, a question or a training issue.
Response: Transverse will address a severity level three issue with a written response that either resolves the issue or a proposed plan to resolve the issue within two business days of the when the issue is logged.

Severity Level: 4 (Low)
Definition: Severity level four is defined as a new work request or a change to the existing Customer business rules that require configuration and/or code development to resolve. i.e. feature enhancement requests.
Response: Transverse will work with Customer to develop requirements. Once the requirements are jointly approved, Transverse will provide a project plan and timeline for resolution.


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